The Bootloader initializes the hardware and loads the operating system for starting up the router and preparing it to run the firmware system.


The built-in bootloader on EZEN4X routers like the EZR24 and EZR34(T) models allows recovery and rebuilding of the firmware if the device enters an unresponsive "bricked" state.

What is the brick mode?

The "brick mode" or "bricked state" refers to a router becoming unresponsive or failing to boot up, rendering it inoperable like a "brick". It often happens because of deleting critical files or disconnecting from the power supply while resetting or flashing firmware.

Common symptoms of the bricked condition include:

  • Rapid blinking on the "System (SYS)" indicator, same as the booting-up state

  • When connected to the router with a LAN cable, Ethernet shows connected but no IP address, and soon loses the connection

  • Inability to boot up Mobile and WiFi indicators

uBoot Recovery

Here is an example of rescuing the EZR24-5G router from the "brick" mode.

Static LAN

Connect a computer to the LAN port on the router. Then, configure the static IP address below on the computer.

Computer IP: (in the range of 2~249) Router IP: Subnet mask: (also called 24 on Windows OS)

Reset Button

  1. Disconnect the router from the power supply.

  2. Press and hold the "Reset" button on the router.

  3. Power on the router while holding the "Reset" button for 5+ seconds, then release.

  4. The connected LAN port indicator will turn on and enter the uBoot mode.

  5. Now, we can access the uBoot interface on a web browser by visiting Note: If not showing the uBoot interface as below, please change to another web browser or try to clean the cache and cookie on the web browser.

Rebuild Firmware

  1. Download the latest firmware for the router. Note: Please get in touch with us for the download link to the latest firmware file. The correct firmware file should end with *.bin. Do not unzip or modify its contents.

  2. Upload the latest firmware by clicking the "Choose file" button

  3. Click the "Update firmware" button to flash the firmware.

  4. Wait 5 minutes until the uBoot flashes the new firmware, and the router will reboot automatically.

  5. Change the computer network IP to DHCP client or use the static IP range below. Computer IP: (Between 100~249)

    Router IP:

    Subnet mask:

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