Ezen Cloud

One Platform to Manage All Your Routers and Linked Devices - With one cloud dashboard reaching your whole routing infrastructure.


EzenCloud is a centralized cloud platform enabling you to administer all your 4G, 5G, WiFi routers, and range extenders from a unified interface. EzenCloud provides remote access for convenient web-based management no matter where devices are physically deployed.

  • Connect remotely to the web interface without public IP addressing or port forwarding.

  • It also enables remote command line SSH sessions to routers for debug-level controls.

  • Furthermore, it allows remote access to LAN devices connected to the router.

Beta and Demo

The EzenCloud management platform is currently in beta testing, and we're inviting customers to evaluate it firsthand with free demo accounts.

Please contact us to sign up for the program and receive a token for a demo account. We will set up a trial account tied to your hardware MAC address. It supports all of our routers, as shown below, that are currently in production.

FirmwareSKU Models


EZR13(T), EZR23(T), EZR30, EZR33(L/T)


EZR14(T), EZR24, EZR34(T)

Retrieving the LAN MAC address of your router is simple. Head to the "Network > Interfaces" page on your admin console and note down the string of numbers and letters listed for the "LAN" interface. Supply that to our staff upon requesting demo registration.

Within 24 hours, we will enable a hosted EzenCloud sandbox pre-linked to your provided MAC Address. You can then explore the platform's capabilities on your gear.

Install Plugin

Connecting your router to the EzenCloud platform requires installing a specialized plugin to enable communication. Use the SSH terminal to access your router's command line and run the appropriate installation command below based on your model series. This will safely download the plugin and integrate it with the system.

EV3xxx Routers
opkg --force-overwrite install http://www.outdoorrouter.net:8080/EzenCloud/ezencloud_3x_v2.0.ipk
EV4xxx Routers
opkg --force-overwrite install http://www.outdoorrouter.net:8080/EzenCloud/ezencloud_4x_v1.0.ipk

You will see confirmation output upon successful application loading as below.

If errors appear during the automated process, please copy the returned information and forward it to our support team.

Output Format Example
Downloading xxxx.ipk
Installing ezencloud (x.x) to root...
Configuring ezencloud.

After installing the EzenCloud plugin, refresh the router web page and go to "Services > Ezen Cloud" to connect with the platform. Ensure internet connectivity via wired WAN, mobile modem, or WiFi relay connections.

Obtain Token

Navigate to the Cloud Users section and click the "Obtain Tokenstr" button. The token is bound to your router hardware MAC address.

  • If it can not obtain a token code, check your internet connection, refresh the web page, and try again.

  • If you got an error of "Error: HaveNoTokenstr," it means this router is not registered. Please verify the MAC address of the LAN interface and ensure the MAC address is the same as you submitted for the demo test.

Register Account

If you have not signed up for an EzenCloud account, click the "Register Account" button. You will be redirected to create your user profile with a custom username and password.

Cloud Service

To enable communications with the EzenCloud platform, navigate to the "Ezen Cloud > Cloud Service" section in your router's web interface.

Enable / Disable - You can manually toggle the service On or Off using the "Enable" checkbox. Click the "Save" button after changing the status to apply settings.

Cloud Service Status - Monitor the "Cloud Service Status" to validate the connectivity. The chart below explains different statuses for easy debugging. It should show "Bound" before remote access becomes available in your EzenCloud dashboard.



EzenCloud plugin is turned off on the router.


Checking the EzenCloud status.


The EzenCloud plugin is turned on but not bound to any EzenCloud account.


Displays a successful connection handshake with the EzenCloud server.


The EzenCloud plugin is turned on and bound to an account, but there is no internet connection to communicate with the EzenCloud platform.

EzenCloud Platform

You can now log in to im.ezencloud.com using your newly registered account and instantly access your router through the cloud. Manage, monitor, and update your device remotely from there!

User Account

EzenCloud allows you to customize your account credentials.

Edit Credentials - Click "User List" in the left panel to access user management settings. Click the "Edit" button for the listed account name. You can modify the username or password associated with your EzenCloud user profile. The updated credentials will sync instantly with your EzenCloud account online.

Subscription - The default subscription provides the Participant role, which enables managing a single user account tied to your router. If your organization requires administering multiple user profiles across devices, contact our sales team to discuss upgrading your group permissions.

Device Management

Device List

EzenCloud consolidates vital status visibility across all your connected routers in one dashboard. Click "Device List" " in the left menu to centrally track hardware units and connectivity.

The overview displays every router by its unique MAC address along with real-time parameters:

  • Status - Green signifies an active tunnel to the router. Red means connection lost; verify the router's internet connection and enable the EzenCloud plugin.

  • Traffic - Monitor monthly and daily data usage per device.

  • Runtime - Check how long each router has maintained its "Latest Contact" time.

Add Device

EzenCloud allows you to easily add additional routers to be managed collectively under your account.

Navigate to "Add Device" in the left panel and input the "TokenCode" from the router's onboard EzenCloud plugin interface.

The router is seamlessly linked to your existing account after entering the unique authentication string and clicking the "Save" button.

Remote Access

The EzenCloud platform enables simple, secure remote access to all your routers with a few clicks. An authenticated connection will open directly into that unit's admin console, presenting full controls as if locally connected.

  1. Navigate to "Device List" and check the routers in a green status with an active cloud tunnel.

  2. Click the "Access" button for a specific online router to the remote access panel.

Web Access

Click "Start Web Access" to remotely log in to the router's web admin console.

EzenCloud assigns a temporary port to tunnel traffic securely through the cloud. Use your router's normal admin password to log into the router remotely.

SSH Terminal

To access the router's SSH terminal, go to the "Terminal Access" section:

  • Choose "Router Public IP" and input "localhost";

  • Terminal Port - Input the router's SSH port number. The default port is 22.

  • Click the "Create Terminal Link" button to generate a temporary port number.

Then, you can access the router's SSH terminal with the information below.

Host: im.ezencloud.com Port: 36179 (example - depends on the actual port number it generated)

Local LAN Access

To access the LAN devices connected to the router, you can use its MAC address or local IP assigned by the router.

  • Choose "Router Public IP" and input the local IP address Or choose "Router MAC Address" and input the MAC address, excluding colon, of the LAN device

  • Input the LAN device's exposed Port number into the "Terminal Port."

To remotely access web, SSH, and LAN devices, ensure the router is in the "Online" status. If an "Offline" error occurs, please check the internet connection status on the router.

Don't hesitate to contact us with inquiries while using the EzenCloud plugin and platform. We appreciate any feedback you may have after testing the platform.

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