Parent Control

To prevent specific Mac addresses from accessing the WiFi hotspot in particular time periods, for example, blocking kids from playing phones, tablets, and computers when they should sleep.

It supports EZEN4X series routers, as shown below. This script does not support the EZEN3X routers. Please follow the below steps to install, configure, and activate the parent control function.

FirmwareSKU Models


EZR14(T), EZR24, EZR34(T)

This is a temporary script-level solution. It is required to access SSH terminals, and no Web UI is available yet.

Install Script

After accessing the SSH terminal, run the installation command below.

EZEN4X Routers Only!
wget -O /root/; chmod 755

You will see confirmation output upon successful application loading as below.

If errors appear during the download and installation, please copy the returned information and forward it to our support team.

Output Example
Downloading ''
Connecting to xxx
Writing to '/root/'
Download completed

Configure Script

We need to add specific Mac addresses to the You can find the Mac address of a terminal device in its WiFi (internet) status or settings. When the device is already connected to the router, you can check their Mac address on "Active DHCP leases" under "Network > DHCP and DNS."

After having the Mac addresses, go back to the SSH terminal and execute the below command to open the newly installed blacklist configuration file.

vi /root/

Refer to the VI Editor tutorial to edit the Mac addresses on line 4 and separate them with Space. Then, save settings and exit the VI editor.

Default Values
. /lib/

maclist="AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF 00:11:22:33:44:55 66:77:88:99:00:11"
ifnames="ra0 ra1 rax0 rax1"

Scheduled Task

The final step is to set scheduled tasks to start and stop the above-configured Navigate to "System > Scheduled Tasks" to add cron jobs.

The below example is to start the task at 10:00 PM and end the task at 07:00 AM. Please refer to the Crontab Syntax to customize the period.

Bock WiFi 10pm to 7am
0 22 * * * sh /root/ start
0 7 * * * sh /root/ stop

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