Traversal Cloud

Traversal Cloud is a secure NAT tunnel tool to provide remote control function on the outdoor router.

The Traversal Cloud provides secure remote access to Outdoor Routers over the internet without needing public IP. This cloud-based service creates an encrypted tunnel from the router to the Traversal Cloud servers.

After enabling Traversal Cloud in the router web admin at "Services > Traversal Cloud", you can access and manage the router securely from anywhere by visiting its unique cloud address on a web browser. It offers the easiest way to look over your networks. No public IP address and DDNS configuration are required.


The traversal cloud is turned off by default. Before allowing remote access, be sure to configure the router with a strong router password. You can follow the below steps to enable it.

  1. Log in to the router admin and go to "Services > Traversal Cloud."

  2. Click the " Enable " checkbox and "Save & Apply" to activate the Traversal Cloud.

  3. Reboot the router if it was previously disabled to refresh the tunnel.

  4. Visit the router's displayed cloud browser address or enter its unique URL from any internet-connected computer to access the web admin remotely.

Note: Cellular carriers may occasionally block the standard Traversal Cloud ports, disabling connectivity.


If unable to connect through the cloud tunnel, please check the below factors:

  • Confirm the Traversal Cloud feature is enabled in the router admin and that the router has a working internet connection.

  • Reboot the router if previously disabled.

  • Copy and send the router's system log to us for technical assistance if it is still non-functional.

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