Custom-Build Firmware

Rather than using the standard firmware, custom router firmware is built with your requests in mind.

The basic custom-build services on the 4G/5G SIM card firmware will be built from the standard firmware but optimized for your network environment and use case by integrating carrier APN parameters, wireless WiFi hotspots, specific firewall rules, and necessary features and plugins.

Please get in touch with us to consult whether your requirement is met with a custom-build firmware. Generally speaking, the configurations you can modify on the web UI and SSH terminal from the standard firmware can be integrated into a custom firmware.

Backup Archive

Analyzing the current configuration and settings from the standard firmware is necessary to develop custom firmware for an existing router. This provides valuable insights and allows settings to be transferred to the new custom firmware.

After accessing the router admin, go to "System > Backup / Flash Firmware". Then, click the "Generate Archive" button on the "Backup" settings.

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