AT Commands

The mobile modem can be configured by AT commands. Different mobile modems use the different AT commands. Below are the AT commands for 5G modems using on the 5G SIM routers.

Command Format

The AT commands below can be executed on the Minicom terminal but not directly on the SSH terminal.

When the mobile SIM router uses the default "Mobile Data" protocol, you can send AT! commands through the mmcli command sets. This mmcli interface for directing AT instructions provides low-level access to monitor and configure aspects of the router's integrated mobile modem. With some basic knowledge of common AT codes, various connectivity parameters can be tweaked as needed.

Modem Index

Firstly, identify the index of the mobile modem by running mmcli -L. This will list out available modems detected by the router firmware system.


Then AT commands can be executed by prefacing them with "mmcli -m [modem index] --command=". You can omit the "AT" prefix, and it will automatically be added when sending commands. For example, to query the firmware version, run:

mmcli -m 2 --command="AT+CGMR"
mmcli -m 2 --command="+CGMR"

Some commands require including quotes and other special characters. Escape these by adding two backslashes beforehand.

For example, for querying info on the active 5G serving cell, the full command would be:

mmcli -m 2 --command="AT+QENG=\"servingcell\""

Common Commands



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