Detach Reattach

Redial Request

The OutdoorRouter firmware does not retry the mobile connection when it is already stable. However, the mobile carrier may request the SIM card to detach and reattach from the network in the following situations:

  1. Network Updates

    The carrier may be pushing network or configuration updates that require detaching connected devices and having them reattach to apply the changes.

  2. Connection Refreshing

    Periodic detach/reattach requests can help refresh the connection and keep it from going idle or having long-lived inactive sessions.

  3. Resource Balancing

    By shuffling connections around, the carrier can better balance load across its cellular towers and spectrum resources.

  4. Security and Policy

    Carriers may mandate periodic re-authentication and reattachment to reinforce security policies and ensure compliance.

The carrier-initiated detach/reattach procedures help maintain optimal network operations and performance, keep connections fresh, resolve issues, and enforce security policies. Forcing this process periodically allows the carrier to improve the experience for end users.


Detach with Reattach

You may find the below log record in the router's system log when the mobile connection drops unexpectedly, even though the mobile signal coverage is steady.

[modem0/bearer3] verbose call end reason: [cm] detach-with-reattach-lte-nw-detach

Detach - refers to the process when a mobile carrier requests to disconnect from the network. Reattach - indicates an attempt to re-establish a new LTE network connection after detaching. NW - stands for "network" in this context.

This above log entry indicates that the mobile carrier has requested the router's SIM card to detach and reattach from the LTE network, without any manual intervention. This is expected behavior, allowing the carrier to proactively improve the mobile network.

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