MMCLI Commands

The mmcli command set is a set of command-line tools for managing and controlling the mobile modem when using the default "MobileData" protocol.

The mmcli command set provides a user-friendly way to interact with Mobile Data protocol and manage various aspects of connected modems, such as network connectivity, signal strength, location tracking, and sending AT commands. It is beneficial for system administrators, developers, and users who need to work with modems from the command line.

Some of the common mmcli commands are:

  1. mmcli -L: Lists all available modems and their status.

  2. mmcli -m [modem-index]: Displays detailed information about a specific modem.

  3. mmcli -m [modem-index] --command="AT+COMMAND": Sends an AT command to the modem.

  4. mmcli -m [modem-index] --signal-get: Displays signal parameters of the mobile modem.

For more details on the mmcli command sets, please check the subcategories below.

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